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While close to 200 species of birds nest throughout the diverse landscape of the Mackenzie County, only 26 of these are resident year round. A further 31 are seasonally present including 8 winter only species.

Watch for the "at risk species". Species "at risk" in the area are resident peregrine falcons, nesting trumpeter swans and whooping cranes seen during migration. The short-eared owl, one of 11 owl species found in the region, may also be at risk. A further 30 bird species are considered to be "sensitive" due to population and/or habitat concerns.

Occasionally irregular visitors and migrants are added to the check list. For a complete listing of "Birds In And Around Fort Vermilion" please Click here for Page 1 and here for Page 2 or Contact Us.

Ducks Unlimited

The Ducks Unlimited Gull Lake Wetland Project is located east of Bicentennial Highway 88 between the Fort Vermilion and Boyer River bridges.  Thousands of waterfowl flock to this area during their migrations.

Hunters from points north and south trek here for their annual fall hunt. Those hunting by camera could see around 80 waterfowl, shorebirds and aerialist species besides other marsh loving birds.



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Acknowledgements: Summer Career Placement Program staff, Keith Klassen (2004/2005) & Jordan Lambert (2006) and

Marilee Cranna Toews of the Fort Vermilion Agricultural Society