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The Olympic Torch was run to this site on February 9, 1988 as part of the Fort Vermilion and District Bicentennial. Braving temperatures of -47° Celsius, five local runners and runners  from beyond the district carried the torch from the airport to the Community & Cultural Complex.  Twelve community group representatives then passed the torch, hand to hand, with the last person lighting the campfire.

The Everlasting Campfire is a symbol of warmth and unity which pays tribute to those rugged individuals, past and present who have contributed to this area. It also recognizes the volunteers who made 1988, our bicentennial year, a historical event.

Due to rising energy costs, the campfire is now lit on special occasions only. However the warmth of the people burns steadfastly!

Photos by Marilee Cranna Toews, Fort Vermilion


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Acknowledgements: Summer Career Placement Program staff, Keith Klassen (2004/2005) & Jordan Lambert (2006) and

Marilee Cranna Toews of the Fort Vermilion Agricultural Society