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Baskets made from birch bark and decorated with tufted moose or caribou hair are available.  Other local crafts include moose hair tuftings, matted photos and notecards of northern lights.


Native made baskets



The publications available through the Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre relate primarily to the people of the area and to distinctive occasions such as the signing of Treaty 8.

Fort Vermilion people in our vast trading north

Book Author Price
"The First Post" Crawford, Barbara  $8.75
"A Candle in the Grub Box" Douglas, Sheila $12.00
"Jam in the Bed Roll" Douglas, Sheila $12.00
"Sir Alexander Mackenzie Historic Waterways in Alberta" Flygare, Halle   $8.00
"Fort Vermilion: People in Our Vast Trading North" Fort Vermilion and District Bicentennial Association $60.00
"Where Go the Boats" Hansen, Evelyn   $8.00
"Heritage Hunter's Guide to Alberta Museums" Hursey, Roberta $20.00
"The Homemade Brass Plate" Lehn, Cornelia $13.00
"On the North Trail" Leonard, David/Whalen, Beverly $20.00
"Through the Mackenzie Basin" Mair, Charles $25.00
"The Emperor of Peace River" Myles, Eugenie $14.00
"The Rhymes of a Homestead Woman" Rivard, E. Ward   $6.00
"Unchaga" St. Luke's Centennial Historical Committee   $5.00
"No Need for Drums" Sutherland, Florence/Bell, Lorna $12.00

Vintage Videos

We have a number of videos (VHS) for sale pertaining to the natural and cultural heritage of northern Canada. These are releases of the National Film Board of Canada.




"Wanted! Doctor on Horseback"

Pioneer medicine


"The Northern Lights"

Aurora borealis


"How the Fiddle Flows"

Fiddling & step-dancing


"The Newcomers"

Immigrant contributions to Canada




Pin    Spoon    Patch


A list of souvenirs that are popular for collectors and visitors follows:


Belt Buckle    $5.00
Bicentennial Calendar (1988)    $4.00
Cap - Gatsby    $7.50
Cap - Ladies    $7.00
Charm    $3.50
Coin (Bronze, Sliver or Gold colour)    $4.00
Coin Set (1 each of Bronze, Silver & Gold)  $12.00
Crest    $3.50
Lapel Pin    $4.00
Magnet    $4.00
Pen    $1.00
Photo Card (by Allan High)    $3.75
Postcard    $0.50
Spoon    $6.00

Postage and handling charges will be added to the quoted price if mailing is required.

If you are interested in these or pamphlets and fact sheets on this area, please mail your order to Box 1, Fort Vermilion, Alberta T0H 1N0 using the following order form (click here)

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Photos by Jordan Ronald Lambert, Fort Vermilion

Acknowledgements: Summer Career Placement Program staff, Keith Klassen (2004/2005) & Jordan Lambert (2006) and

Marilee Cranna Toews of the Fort Vermilion Agricultural Society