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The Hungry Bend Sandhills

"A Special Place"

The Hungry Bend Sandhills include unique dune complexes of national significance, sections of the Peace and Boyer River valleys, and outstanding wetland staging areas. This area was nominated in 1996 for protection under the Alberta Special Places 2000 program.  The Peace River Valley which forms its southern boundary is part of the transcontinental Sir Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route. The Peace is considered to be a Canadian Heritage River.

Photo by Marilee Cranna Toews, Fort Vermilion

Prairie Point Drive


To learn more about the Sandhills contact the Hungry Bend Sandhills Wilderness Society, c/o Box 1, Fort Vermilion, AB T0H 1N0. Click here to view a copy of the Society's Brochure and The 'Ti-cah-che-chok' Story and Mission Statement.



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Acknowledgements: Summer Career Placement Program staff, Keith Klassen (2004/2005) & Jordan Lambert (2006) and

Marilee Cranna Toews of the Fort Vermilion Agricultural Society