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Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre Accession No. 990.4.36.2 Glenbow Archives. NA 2974-24.

"S.S. Peace River" at Jones' Landing, Stoney Point c.1914 Original Site of the Fort Vermilion Dominion Experimental Farm.


FVHC Bicentennial Collection         M&F Lambert Sub-collection Accession No: 990.4.53.45

Roman Catholic Mission with the hospital (on the right side).


Fort Vermilion Heritage centre Accession No. 990.4.74.76  Provincial Archives of Alberta A2620

Flooding of the Peace River at The Ranch - 1934


Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre Accession No. 990.474.52  Provincial Archives of Alberta A2621

Icebergs at Fort Vermilion from the flood of 1934.


Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre Accession No. 900.4.74.76

Provincial Archives of Alberta PA 176/2

Fort Vermilion Cable Ferry - 1956


Photo Credit: Marilee Cranna Toews

Fort Vermilion Bridge Construction - 1973/74


Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre Accession No. 990.4.97.138  Marilee Cranna Toews Collection

Fort Vermilion trail riders cross the Peace River by ferry - 1974



Photo Credit: Marilee Cranna Toews

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and family visit Fort Vermilion for the Bicentennial Celebrations - July 30, 1988

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Acknowledgements: Summer Career Placement Program staff, Keith Klassen (2004/2005) & Jordan Lambert (2006) and

Marilee Cranna Toews of the Fort Vermilion Agricultural Society